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About hair removal . . .

There are many forms of hair removal available today.  The forms most likely used at home are shaving, tweezing and depilatories.  Sometimes you may want to have a longer lasting form of removal provided by a liscenced professional.  The methods that are available by professionals are waxing, electrolysis and laser.  Liscense are required in Wisconsin to provide hair removal services.  This is important as these professionals are trained and required to keep up to date on technique and sanitation laws.  I use disposable probes and there is no double dipping in the waxes in my  salon.  Don't be shy, protect yourself by asking to see your professionals liscense.  Below is an overview of the services that I provide and some of the frequently asked questions.
About waxing . . .

Waxing is considered temporary hair removal.  This is done with either hard wax or strip wax.  Most hairs will be removed during the process, but not all.  Hairs too short for the wax to grasp will not be removed.
Is there more then one wax?

Yes.  There is hard wax and strip wax.  The type of wax depend on the hair texture, size of area and skin sensitivity.

Does it hurt?

Again it verys from person to person.  It also varies from one area to another.  It feels very similary to pulling a bandaide off with hair on it. 

What will  the  appearance of my skin be after my treatment?

It will be red, blotchy and irritated.  This is normal.  Treat with an ice pack and/or niosporin.

How long does the hair have to be?

It needs to be at least 1/8" long on the face and 1/4" long on the legs and body.

Besides letting my hair grow, do I need to do anything before I come in?

See the items suggested under electrolysis.  In addtion to that, do not shower or bath up to two hours prior to your appointment.  This may cause unnecessary skin irritation. 

Do I need to do anything after my treatment?

See electrolyis information.  Same treatments applies. 

How ofthen do I need to make my appointment?

That varies based off of the area being work on.  Generally it is between 3-6 weeks.  Since the hair is pulled out by the root, it generally grows back in a scattered pattern, much like grass would grow back if you were to pull it out instead of mowing it.

Will you provide servcies if I am a male or transgender?


So, what else should I be aware of?

There are clients or areas on the client that just do not qualify for waxing.  Some of them are:  nipples, eyelashes, irrtate skin, cuts, wars, moles, sunburned skin, recent scar tissue, tattoos.  Also are clients using perscribed medicines for acne such as AHA over 8%, Retin-A, recent Botox injection, etc.  These will be gone over with the client in a pre-consultation process.

About electrolysis . . .

Electrolysis is considered permanent hair removal by the FDA.  This service requires a small wire probe inserted in the follicle.  Once inserted, a small amount of controlled current is applied.  This process destroys the cells and blood supply to the hair.  This is a break down process and each follicle reguires mutiple treatment for permenancy.

Is there more then one modality?

Yes.  There is electrolysis and thermalysis.  The two combined is called blend.  I do all forms of electrolysis along with a single or multi-needle.

Does it hurt?

I am not going to lie.  Some people find it uncomfortable while others have fallen asleep during a treatment.  Depending on the modality, it will feel like a pin prick or a growing discomfort.  After receiving their mini treatment with their consultation, many clients have said "That's it?!" 

What will the appearance of my skin be after my treatment?

Every person reacts differently.  Typically you will have some redness, swelling or a histamine reaction.  This usually subsides in an hour or two.  For healing treatment at home, ice and/or Niosporin works very well. 

How long does the hair have to be?

I can provide the service as soon as the hair surfaces.  I need to have 24 hours of growth if you shave.  If you are tweezing, about a week will work.

Besides letting my hair grow, do I need to do anything else before I come?

To make it more comfortable, you can take an analgesic 30-45 minutes before your appointment.  Avoid caffine prior to your service.  This may make it more comfortable for you.  Also, avoid any form of tanning 24 hours prior to your treatment to avoid hyperpigmentation.

Do I need to do anything after my treatement?

For the first 24 hours after treatment, avoid bar soaps, perfumes or makeup.  Do not touch the area in order to avoid bateria contamination. Cleansing the area wiht a topical anteseptic fthe first day prevents infection (pimples).  Avoid tanning for 24 hours.  After two day, exfoliate the area treated.  This helps to remove dead skin cells and prevents ingrown hairs.

How often do I need to make my appointments?

That depends on the area, your time availablity and how much you want to spend in a given amount of time.  There are a variety of ways in which this can be handled as long as we keep the hair removal in the growth cycle.

How long will it take to get permanent results?

It generally takes 10-18 months to acheive permanency.  This is affected by a number of things:  1) Sensitivity 2) Hair texture 3) Density of area 4)  How well your skin recovers 5)  Keeping a schedule to catch the hair in the growth stage.

Will you provide services if I am a male or a transgender?


So, what else should I be aware of?

I require a consultation that is free of charge.  Plan on 30-40 minutes for this service.  I will be going over much of the information above, ask you pertinanent medical information and provide you with a mini-treatment.  There will be some situations in which services will not be able to be provided.  The consultation screens for this.  It will be discussed at the time of this appointment.
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